Do Remembrance Day Rules Impact Your Wages and Hours of Operation? (CFIB)
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For many provinces and territories, November 11 is a statutory paid holiday and retail closing day. The exceptions are Ontario and Quebec. Some jurisdictions like Manitoba and Nova Scotia have a special set of rules outlining wages and hours of operation.

What do I pay my employees?

Typically, employees who meet the eligibility criteria laid out by the province or territory are paid a regular day’s wage for a statutory holiday – this is the holiday pay.

In most jurisdictions, when an employee works on a statutory holiday, you must give them their regular day’s pay (holiday pay) plus 1.5 times their regular wage for any hours worked on the holiday, but there are exceptions.

Do I close Saturday or Monday?

If a business is normally open on a Saturday, then it would be closed on Saturday, November 11. If a business is normally closed on a Saturday, then you need to give employees another day off with pay. However, please note that every jurisdiction has different legislation regarding shop closing days.

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